“To represent terrible and questionable things is, in itself, the sign of an instinct of power and magnificence in the artist; he doesn’t fear them. There is no such thing as pessimistic art. Art affirms”.
Friedrich Nietzsche

This collection of 107 mixed-media paintings on posters of the United States Constitution is the culmination of a decade of research. Drawing inspiration from contemporary issues, the series delves into topics that affect us all: the clash between national ideals and political realities, the influence of private interests on public policy, ongoing wars, racial and ethnic prejudice, economic disparities, and the challenges faced by various communities, including Native Americans, African Americans, women, veterans, LGBTQ individuals, prisoners, immigrants, and refugees in their pursuit of human rights. The profound impact of money on democracy, liberty, and social justice as well as the enduring struggles for human rights, transcend both time and place, speaking to universal and timeless concerns.