“To represent terrible and questionable things is, in itself, the sign of an instinct of power and magnificence in the artist; he doesn’t fear them. There is no such thing as pessimistic art. Art affirms”.
Friedrich Nietzsche

As governments prioritize their own political, economic, or security goals over the fundamental rights and dignity of individuals, human rights and international laws become obstacles and instruments of control in the hands of the powerful elite. This dynamic is especially evident when governments suppress dissent, curtail freedom of speech, control media, and engage in discriminatory practices to maintain power, protect their economies, and advance geopolitical agendas. When national interests take precedence over commitment to human rights, it leads to a disregard for principles of justice, equality, and individual freedoms, ultimately undermining global peace.

“Short-term geopolitical considerations and national interest, narrowly defined, have repeatedly taken precedence over intolerable human suffering and grave breaches of and long-term threats to international peace and security.” Navi Pillay, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights