“To represent terrible and questionable things is, in itself, the sign of an instinct of power and magnificence in the artist; he doesn’t fear them. There is no such thing as pessimistic art. Art affirms”.
Friedrich Nietzsche

The “Shoes Series” commenced with the encounter of a protest against landmines in Trafalgar Square, London, where a towering mound of shoes, reaching ten feet height, served as a poignant representation. These discarded and piled shoes symbolized the countless victims of landmines who, even years after the wars have ended, had lost their legs and feet, if not their life. Over time, the “shoes paintings” have evolved into powerful symbols that resonate with the memories of numerous wars, genocides, massacres, and ethnic cleansings. However, viewers have also connected them to other themes, such as the Holocaust, capitalism, consumerism, waste, and throw-away cultures.