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We the People 88

We the People 88

29”x 23”
Mixed Media on paper

"Whether by the government or its extension in the US media, whistleblowers have been portrayed, declared and branded as traitors. By speaking up on government criminalities, by exposing illegalities committed by the government, whether on torture or illegal surveillance or illegal wars … or many other illegalities and abuses of power, whistleblowers have become traitors to the United States government. These Whistleblowers exemplify the ultimate selfless disloyalty to a government engaged in illegalities. That is a fact: whistleblowers are traitors.

Thus, since the United States government is traitor to the American people and their liberties, what would that make the whistleblowers who are traitors to the United States government? Aren’t they traitors to the traitors? And if so, who should the American people be supporting in this great scheme of betrayals, treacheries and traitors? The government as traitors to the people? Or the whistleblowers as traitors to the traitors who have betrayed the people’s rights and liberties?"

Sibel Edmonds, founder, National Security Whistleblowers Coalition